Technical description

Constructional solution

FOUNDATION AND SOCLE: The building has been constructed on strip foundation made of reinforced concrete that supports load-bearing walls made of filled concrete blocks. The base of the house is made of reinforced concrete socle panels.

EXTERNAL WALLS: The external walls have been laid of concrete blocks (width 190 mm) that are filled with concrete to achieve better soundproofing and load-bearing qualities. The insulation material is 250 mm thick EPS-Silver expanded polystyrene plates. A smooth render from the Caparol system and flat facing bricks are used in the exterior finishing.

INTERIOR WALLS: The interior walls in between apartments and the apartments and stairwell as well the other load-bearing walls are laid of concrete blocks (width: 190 mm) that are filled with concrete to achieve better soundproofing and load-bearing qualities. The interior walls of the apartments’ rooms are plasterboard walls on a metal frame with mineral wool insulation and the toilet rooms walls are made of lightweight Aeroc blocks.

INSERTED CEILINGS: The inserted ceilings are made of reinforced concrete panels (width: 220 mm) on top of which floor heating pipes and insulation have been installed, while the surface is evened out with casting.

BALCONIES: The balconies have steel constructions. The floors are covered with roofing material glued on moisture-resistant plywood. The barriers are made of steel and laminated glass elements.
TERRACE: The terraces are made of deep-impregnated boards.
ROOF-CEILING: The roof-ceiling is also made of reinforced concrete panels (width: 220 mm) that have been insulated with at least a 290 mm thick inclined insulation layer. The roof is covered with a double layer of SBS.

WINDOWS: Triple glazed PVC windows, innermost selective glass pane. The thermal conductivity of the windows is u= 0.92 W/m²K.
DOORS: The doors of the stairwell have aluminium frames and glazing. The front door of the apartment is a fireproof wooden safety door covered with oak veneer, and it is equipped with a security cable lock and door viewer. The doors in the apartment are wooden, covered with oak veneer and equipped with fittings. The skirting boards are also oak veneer.

LIFT: There is a lift in the building.


Utility systems

HEATING: The building’s heat supply comes from the district heating system. Living and communal spaces are heated through underfloor heating with thermostats. Wet rooms also have electric underfloor heating.

ETERS: Water and electricity consumption is measured with remotely-read meters.

VENTILATION: All apartments have individual ventilation devices. All rooms have fresh air inflow; outflow has been installed to the washroom and kitchen. Individual pipelines have been laid from the apartments to the roof so that a kitchen hood could be installed.

ELECTRICITY: The energy meters of the apartments are located in the stairwell, in the electrical cabinet that is next to the main distribution board. An apartment’s electrical cabinet is located in the apartment. Sockets, switches and lighting fittings have been installed to the entrance halls, storage spaces and toilet rooms.

WEAK CURRENT: Optic data communication cables are available in the apartments. Data communication sockets are present in all places where a TV is to be installed.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Based on energy calculations the energy efficiency label is B. Solar panels will be installed to the house to produce electrical energy.